Books 2 and 3 will be available in the Summer and Autumn 2011 respectively. To find out what others have said about Book 1 - The Heart of Tarkon, read their reviews at! When you have read the book, you are welcome to write your own.
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The Centre Vale

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The Heart of Tarkon
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Mankind believes he is the greatest intelligence on this Planet, and so do many other creatures on similar Worlds scattered right across the Universe. But for some, they know differently. They know that every World is overshadowed by a majestic Being of planetary proportions, whose impeccable intelligence and incredible power far surpass mere mortals. Known by the Ancient Wisdom as Great Makerís, their purpose is to stimulate life and nurture it to maturity.

When a Planet is ready, a time of testing occurs, where dark powers rise that have to be faced. All Worlds travel the same Path of Initiation at the dawn of every New Age, and all must succeed. If failure beckons, a thousand seasons of darkness will prevail.

The Centre Vale Fantasy Trilogy is a thought-provoking Fantasy Novel that has extraordinary settings, creatures and sharp, colourful characters. An epic journey of discovery and daring, hardship and betrayal, mysteries are as rampant as the evil preparing to strike.

Book 1 of The Centre Vale Trilogy - The Heart of Tarkon, is FREE to read and can be downloaded from the Book 1 Download Page. It includes a Map and Glossary for easy referencing. The available formats are:
Stephen Meakin
Great images in the Gallery depict the people, places and creatures featured throughout the epic Fantasy Saga. If you like the artwork, it is worth exploring the 3D Section where you will find interesting information and links detailing how you can create your own Fantasy Art. Six of the creatures from the story are available to buy at Content Paradise, so you can now recreate some of your favourite scenes from The Centre Vale Trilogy.
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